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Communication is everything. Exchange experiences, inform, be surprised, experiment

  • Protected communication!

    Your data is safe and will not be transferred to third parties

  • You can also

    Open your own topic in the appropriate sections.Perhaps you are also working on
    a project that you would like to inform about

  • Good to know

    Each contribution will be rewarded - WAZZUB

The Greatest talent

Who is the musical talent of the year
For ears and eyes
Promote special talents with your voting

  • You write awesome songs

    Are you a brilliant singer, a great instrumentalist, playing in a great band

  • Do you want to go beyond the limits of your living room

    Be known, act in Las Vegas, record an album and win other great prizes

  • Show your talent to the world online now

    Complete with other talents and win in a unique competition


If you are a sports fan or not, participate tapping. Win through regular participation, guaranteed

  • Your chance

    Participate in free sports betting

  • You can win YEM

    by simply tapping the result
    Participation is free
    Chance of winning up to 100,000 YEM

  • Start

    Participation is free



The prizes of the 6 categories are drawn every 10 minutes. Try your luck for free

  • In PRIZE MANIA you have the opportunity every day

    Win a prize up to 140 times. A random winner will be raffled every 10 minutes

  • You can win ebooks

    Ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, surprise prizes and even cash prizes
    from the Cash or YEM jackpots

  • Since 2012, more than 100,000 winners have been raffled

    Participation is free


Tap a four-number row once a day for free

  • Profit at: last 2 digits, last 3 digits, all 4 digits correct
  • The chance to win the YEMPOT every month
  • Won Free-YEM will be transferred directly


EEBOOX offers a large selection of valuable e-books and articles on a variety of topics


    Cooking, health and wellness, hobbies, marketing,
    money and sports

  • Nonfiction Books

    To help you in various aspects of your life: relationships,
    pet care,parenting, healthy living, DIY (Do it yourself), business
    and many other useful guides

  • Every week an ebook is free

    For which you can vote


Communication is everything. Exchange experiences, inform, be surprised, experiment

  • The video channel

    with ethical rules, but without censorship

  • Videos presentations

    Set up a video channel, present videos,
    like videos, write comments

  • Perform live broadcasts

    Give your free opinion. Your privacy is preserved,
    so no tracking software is used



Opinion polls that anyone can create with comments in favour or against

  • The place for

    Respectful freedom of speech on the Internet

  • Your opinion is asked

    let yourself be rewarded, convince with facts and plausible arguments

  • Find a common

    solution-oriented basis with fun and without tracking software

Real projects around the world

Which allows to buy in whole or partly with the digital payment YEM/ Subcoin for real estate, your vacation, your motor
vehicle and exclusive luxury items


See in real time the statistical analysis of the products


What's new in the global network


For better understanding you will find current videos


What does the media report about us

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