Assets digitally managed

Every single person will be able to digitise assets.The digital account creates overview of assets and security through the blockchain. Together with the digital exchange, we achieve more liquidity, broader spread or diversification, more control, less risk, faster transactions, more flexibility and fewer fees.

Unicorn Network together with the YEM Foundation is paving the way for your future

You will be empowered with a variety of practical tools to secure, build and trade wealth

RET Token

Manage, buy and sell real estate, fully or proportionately

  • Wallet, Digital Assets

  • Precious metals and commodities, manage, buy and sell

  • Trade, Digital Assets

  • Shopping, Car, Travel TOKEN, Art & Collections, Businesses & Projects, Coupons & Vouchers, and Other Assets, manage, buy and sell

The digital wallet

in which all different types of assets are stored and displayed

  • Overview of assets
  • Secure access as SafeZonePass holder
  • For identity verified members according to legal requirements

Digital Exchange


  • The Digital Exchange, the marketplace for digitised assets and YEM

Real projects around the world

Which allows to buy in whole or partly with the digital payment YEM/ Subcoin for real estate, your vacation, your motor
vehicle and exclusive luxury items


See in real time the statistical analysis of the products


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