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General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use on the online platform https://uniports.net of Unicorn Service Co, LTD with its registered office at 90/66 Moo.2, Nongprue, Banglamung


§ 1 Subject matter of the contract

1. https://uniports.net located at 90/66 Moo.2, Nongprue, Banglamung provides its internet platforms under the trademarked brand name "Uniports" to a worldwide community of commercial traders as a virtual marketplace dedicated to the exchange of information and the interests of buyers in a safe, beneficial, satisfying and regulated business environment in online business.
2. https://uniports.net brings together on this platform authorized dealers and customers for consumer goods and business needs by means of offer and order information and internal also email-based communication systems. Prerequisite for the access and the use of the closed user platform https://uniports.net is for dealers the conclusion of a user contract https://uniports.net, in accordance with § 3 paragraph 1. The declarations of intent and contracts communicated via https://uniports.net come directly and exclusively between the respective users (dealers and https://uniports.net) and are fulfilled and settled outside the platformhttps://uniports.net thus serves purely the informative business initiation and is not a party to the purchase contract. Users are dealers and customers by name.

§ 2 User and usage requirements

1. Use of the Unicorn Service Co, LTD platform is available only to Unicorn Service Co, LTD providers and customers.
2. Only those who are merchants in the sense of the German Commercial Code (HGB) can register as traders. Unicorn Service Co, LTD is entitled to demand from the user a proof of the fulfillment of the conditions of use for Unicorn Service Co, LTD. By registering, the merchant assures that all the information provided by him is true and complete, and in particular that he fulfills the conditions of use. Non-fulfillment does not constitute a unilateral, retroactive and subsequent cancellation of the contract in favor of the user. If the Merchant is not a natural person, the person acting on behalf of the Merchant shall prove his/her power of representation for the User upon Unicorn Service Co, LTD's request. Unicorn Service Co, LTD is entitled to determine the details of the proof of representation. In all other respects, Unicorn Service Co, LTD stands in good faith of the present conditions of use and the corresponding power of representation.
3. If the user is a natural person, he or she must be of legal age and have unlimited legal capacity.
4. The subscribers have no right to use the https://uniports.net website as Unicorn Service Co, LTD may exclude subscribers or suppliers at any time during the subscription process and for any reason, such as security concerns.
5. By registering, the user accepts these GTCs as well as any changes to the GTCs that are brought to his attention. If the GTCs are changed, the user will be informed of this in text form and given the opportunity to object to the change and terminate the user relationship. If the user does not object to the change, the new GTC shall be deemed accepted.

§ 3 Registration and conclusion of contract

1. The user can register at https://uniports.net by filling in and sending the registration form. With the registration he accepts the specific order conditions as well as the general terms and conditions. The registration as a dealer and the admission to the platform takes place after receipt of the registration form at https://uniports.net by corresponding declaration to the user by mail and activation of the user name and password in the system. The contract of use is only concluded upon completion of the activation coding or sending of the order confirmation by email.
2. There is no entitlement to the conclusion of a user contract. https://uniports.net reserves the right to refuse or revoke the conclusion of a user contract without stating reasons or to restrict user functions, in particular due to (a) false information provided during registration; (b) doubts about the authority to represent the user and the user's legal existence and commercial use, which have not been dispelled immediately at the user's expense by submitting suitable evidence; (c) doubts or suspicions about the seriousness and creditworthiness of the applicant/user; (d) suspicions of unfair business practices on https://uniports.net or competitive interests against https://uniports.net; (e) violations of the usage guidelines and the GTCs of https://uniports.net.
3. Depending on the order conditions and the customer's choice, the contract is concluded with a Basic Membership for an unlimited period of time but with functional restrictions free of charge or with a Professional Membership for a fee. The Professional Membership will be renewed for the same term if https://uniports.net does not receive a written notice of termination by email or post no later than 3 months before the expiry of the first or subsequent term. https://uniports.net will confirm receipt of the notice of termination by email within 7 days.
4. The right of termination without notice and a unilateral exclusion for cause on the part of https://uniports.net remain unaffected. If the Merchant is at fault for a justified exclusion or restriction of use on the part of https://uniports.net within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions, the Merchant shall not be entitled to any reimbursement, cancellation or reduction of any membership fees or claims.

5. The merchant undertakes to inform https://uniports.net immediately of any changes to the data provided during registration. In particular, the user shall ensure that https://uniports.net always has the current and valid email address for communication purposes.

§ 4 Access, user ID and password

1. It is incumbent on the user to choose access data in the form of user name and password during registration, which he/she uses exclusively for the use of https://uniports.net and not also on other Internet portals or for access to other password-protected systems (bank account, credit card account, etc.). The password should be sufficiently complex, contain at least one number and one special character and not be less than 8 characters.
2. The user undertakes to ensure that the user name and password are protected against unauthorized access by third parties and, in particular, that they are not made available to a group of persons who are not authorized as users under § 2 or who are not assigned to the user's own company organization (extended individual access right).
3. Any misuse of user name or password of which the user becomes aware or which he suspects on the basis of facts must be reported to https://uniports.net without delay. The user shall be liable for any misuse of his/her user ID, unless he/she proves that the misuse originated from the https://uniports.net danger zone.
4. Access to the platform may be blocked after entering an incorrect password three times.

§ 5 Access, user ID and password

1. https://uniports.net offers a platform on which the user as a supplier can publish information on product details, business connection interests or purchase requests and view corresponding publications and contact the respective supplier.
2. For Members and sellers https://uniports.net offers different types of services within the framework of different membership forms or premium packages which are regulated by the order conditions or for which additional contracts are concluded.
3. https://uniports.net is entitled to change its service offer, as well as the functionality, algorithms and user interfaces belonging to its online trading platform at any time.

§ 6 Duties of the user

1. The user assures that all information, in particular with regard to products, services or business connection offers offered by him, is correct and not misleading. He appears on https://uniports.net under his own name and takes care with regard to his current address, company and contact data.

2. The supplier assures that he is authorized to unrestricted disposal of an offered product and that this product is not encumbered with rights of third parties and is available for sale in sufficient quantities.
3. Users undertake to use the online platform of https://uniports.net only in accordance with the general rules of use (§ 7) for providers of https://uniports.net and the relevant laws, morality and general Internet standards. In particular, (a) the infringement of third party rights, in particular property rights, copyrights, name rights or trademark rights (b) content that glorifies violence or is pornographic in nature or otherwise violates provisions of the Criminal Code(c) submissions that contain viruses, Trojan horses or other programs that are capable of damaging, secretly intercepting or deleting data or systems(d) the offering of products and content that may not be sold or offered to the public or whose possession violates applicable law.
4. The user shall bear all costs incurred by him in setting up or modifying his online connection, in using the public communications network and in acquiring and maintaining his communications equipment required to use the platform.
5. If a third party asserts a claim against https://uniports.net for injunctive relief, removal of content, provision of information, reimbursement of expenses or damages on the basis of content provided by a user, the user shall indemnify https://uniports.net for its expenses, including reasonable costs of legal defense. If it is disputed whether a claim by a third party exists and the user asserts the non-existence of the claims, the user can avoid the recourse claim by providing https://uniports.net with sufficient security for procedural costs and claims for damages in advance for the defense of the claims and by joining the dispute.

§ 7 Offer presentation of a seller

1. Users can publish their product catalog in the form of product offers as a seller on https://uniports.net, as long as this is part of the user contract. A product and offer description with all information required for an order is required. For offers on https://uniports.net special offer and sales guidelines apply which are available in the offer administration. Translations for offers abroad can be deposited. In the case of the use of automatic free translation functions via https://uniports.net, its correctness is to be checked by the provider and any problems, just as in the case of insufficient offer description, are to be represented subsequently. Excluded are the reference to homepage and email addresses as well as direct contact requests in the offer presentation and the system supported communication between suppliers and buyers.Misleading and objectively exaggerated statements- blanket descriptions of services are to be refrained from. Offers that violate applicable law, in particular competition law, industrial property rights or contracts of third parties as well as offers relevant to competition (trade portals) to https://uniports.net are excluded.
2. https://uniports.net has the right to check the content of offers and prices of users/sellers, to request additions to the ability to order and proof of ability to deliver, to reject, change, deactivate or delete offers.
3. https://uniports.net has the right to exclude providers from trading on https://uniports.net or to deactivate partial functions without giving reasons. This applies in particular if the provider violates its obligations, the offer guidelines or these terms and conditions. The same applies if the quality and security interests of Unicorn Service Co, LTD and its members require it.
4. An offer is bindingly set for the User as soon as it is registered in the database of Unicorn Service Co, LTD and activated by the User. The user can revoke his offer on Unicorn Service Co, LTD. The revocation becomes effective at the moment of deletion or blocking of the advertisement on Unicorn Service Co, LTD.

§ 8 Attribution of Declarations of Intent, Acts and Statements

1. All declarations of intent, business-like actions and other legally relevant statements or actions (collectively "actions") posted on the online trading platform of https://uniports.netauf at the instigation of a user, transmitted to another user or accepted by the latter are exclusively actions taken by the users themselves. https://uniports.net does not act in its own name or as a representative in the name of another with regard to these actions.
2. With regard to the provision of services within the scope of the respective disposal transaction, https://uniports.net assumes no obligations whatsoever

§ 9 Invoicing, remuneration and special electronic payment collections

1. Depending on the type of membership, charges may apply according to the current price list on https://uniports.net. The usage fees are to be paid to https://uniports.net in advance of the usage in accordance with the deadlines when the invoice is issued, without incurring any additional costs. https://uniports.net may commission a billing organization of its choice to process the payment.
2. The claim to remuneration exists independently of the use or possible contractual performance restrictions by https://uniports.net for the agreed period. This applies in particular to performance restrictions that may arise due to incompatibilities or specific software settings at the user or his provider. The service and the access on https://uniports.net can be restricted in particular if the user is in default with the payment of his user fees. There is no right to compensation for service restrictions for which the customer is responsible.
3. The merchant explicitly agrees to receive invoices and related information from https://uniports.net via email, as a PDF to the original printout, and ensures that https://uniports.net always has a current and accessible email address for this purpose. Upon request, https://uniports.net will provide a printout of the invoice, which will be sent by email or by post.
4. If the merchant has given https://uniports.net with the registration or during the membership period the permission and data for the electronic collection of the costs of the https://uniports.net use, by credit card or direct debit, https://uniports.net is entitled to store and disclose this data to appropriate settlement service providers and banks, provided that the data protection regulations and safeguards are guaranteed. The authorization to collect exists according to the conditions at the time of granting, until revocation, for all costs of the current and future use of https://uniports.net, regardless of possible business bases. https://uniports.net is in particular entitled to collect repetitive costs such as annual fees after the initial order without new initiations by direct debit or credit card for current contracts. In doing so, the merchant is obliged to always inform https://uniports.net about the current connection data. If legitimate collections are not executed or reversed due to objection or lack of funds, the user is obligated to compensate possible additional costs and fees of the payment organizations to https://uniports.net in addition to the original claim.

§ 10 Data protection, data storage, data forwarding

1. By logging in and registering with https://uniports.net, you as a merchant and customer agree to the storage and processing of your personal and business user and usage data, your published offers, your system-internal email traffic, insofar as these are collected within the scope of the business purpose of https://uniports.net and must be archived for documentation and backup purposes.
2. https://uniports.net is in particular authorized to use their membership data and email address,(a) within the scope of the offers made by https://uniports.net on https://uniports.net and to forward them with inquiries to providers(b) for sending membership invoices and information to and from https://uniports.net, during and after a membership, until this authorization is revoked by them(c) within the scope of legal obligations to the authorized bodies and (d) in all cases with legitimate interest from the user activities on https://uniports.net. The user gives the required consent, if any, by accepting these special conditions and using https://uniports.net.

§ 11 Exclusion of warranty

1. The following limitations of liability in favor of Unicorn https://uniports.net apply to the information, declarations of intent, contracts between third parties and https://uniports.net inquiries about goods and services conveyed within the framework of https://uniports.net:
2. https://uniports.net does not provide any warranty for the agreements concluded and information provided between the respective users.
3. https://uniports.net excludes any warranty for the goods and services delivered by the seller to the buyer. In particular, https://uniports.net does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information and declarations provided by a buyer or seller, the quality and usability of the goods and services to be delivered, their suitability for a particular purpose intended by the buyer, that the goods and services delivered do not infringe the rights of third parties, the existence, reliability and creditworthiness of members, users, sellers and buyers.
4. https://uniports.net cannot rule out with complete certainty that the person designated as the purchaser or supplier in the declarations of intent delivered or received by https://uniports.net actually exists. The real authorship of a declaration of intent therefore always remains doubtful. The user who submits or accepts an offer therefore acts with regard to the existence of the contracting party at his own risk.
5. Likewise, https://uniports.net cannot rule out with complete certainty that a password may fall into the hands of a person not authorized by a user to make declarations of intent. This risk is also borne by the user. A liability of https://uniports.net according to the rules of the messenger without messenger power is excluded, unless there is intent or gross negligence.

§ 12 Disclaimer

1. https://uniports.net shall not be liable for any claims arising from the fact that https://uniports.net is temporarily unavailable to the user, in particular due to maintenance work, provided that the outage does not exceed a total period of more than 5% of a year per calendar year and that in the case of longer outages there is no intent or gross negligence.

2. https://uniports.net is not liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information, advice and recommendations provided by users on the https://uniports.net, website or the information, advice and recommendations of users accessible via the https://uniports.net website.
o In particular, https://uniports.net dissociates itself from the contents of all Internet links connected with the offer, their contents and originators and assumes no liability for the contents, business or damage caused by such links.
o https://uniports.net is not responsible for any damage arising in connection with the defectiveness of software and hardware used and, in particular, due to technical defects on the Internet. In particular, https://uniports.net assumes no strict liability for damage arising due to the lack of availability or proper functioning of the Internet, the use of software or hardware when using the website of https://uniports.net and the defective or inadequate provision of contractual services due to technical imponderables of the software and hardware and the Internet. This also applies in particular to performance restrictions that may arise due to incompatibilities or specific software settings at the user or his provider.
o https://uniports.net is not liable for any damage resulting from the incorrectness of the offers placed by the buyers on the website of https://uniports.net, as well as the corresponding answers of the sellers. In particular, https://uniports.net is not liable for any damage resulting from the removal or suppression of entries of the buyers and sellers on the website of https://uniports.net, or from their lack of removal or suppression.

§ 13 Place of Jurisdiction/Applicable Law

1. This contract is subject to Thai commercial law. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.
2. The place of jurisdiction for all contracts concluded on the basis of these Terms and Conditions is Bangkok Thailand, provided that the user is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law. https://uniports.net is also entitled to file suit at the user's general place of jurisdiction. §14 Buyer protection 1. Payment processing between merchant and customer is handled by https://www.hannnik.com/ GmbH. 2. Immediately after the shipment of the item, the merchant undertakes to inform the operator of the platform https://uniports.net and the customers about the shipment and to provide the tracking number and the package supplier. 3. Payment of the purchase amount minus the agreed commission from the net amount is made directly after notification of the tracking number to https://uniports.net.

§ 15 Severability clause

1. The inclusion of general terms and conditions of the users is hereby contradicted.
2. If individual provisions of this contract should not be legally effective in whole or in part or should lose their legal effectiveness at a later date, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract.
3. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the parties with a valid provision whose economic effect corresponds as closely as possible to the invalid provision.