Order through a dealer

If you have questions about your order, you can contact the marketplace merchant via your uniports.net customer account.
To do this, select the menu item "My orders", open the desired order and then click on "Contact merchant". In this way, you will receive a quick, direct response.
Tip: If you have not ordered from a marketplace merchant but directly from Uniports.net, the button "Customer service" is located at this point.

The revocation period for each merchant on Uniports.net is stored in the terms and conditions. Therefore, please read the general terms and conditions of the individual merchants on Uniports.net. If it is an order that was sold and shipped directly by Uniports.net, a return label can be requested within this period in the Uniports.net customer account in the order history via the button "Return item", which will be sent by e-mail. With this label the goods can be returned. The return period 1 for private customers is 14 days!
On the other hand, customer service must be contacted when returning shipping goods. Corporate customers are not granted a right of withdrawal. On the other hand, if you are ordering from one of our marketplace retailers, please contact them so that they can provide you with a return label. 
If you have any further questions regarding the revocation, please do not hesitate to contact the Kaufland.de customer service.

On the product page, below the price and delivery times, you will find information about the respective seller. If you buy from Uniports.net itself, it will say "Seller: Uniports".

In all other cases you order from a Uniports.net marketplace dealer. This seller is responsible for shipping your purchase and is your contact if you have any questions about your order.

Once an order has been shipped, you will receive the invoice from the relevant marketplace merchant by email.  The marketplace merchant will send the invoice by e-mail as soon as the order has been shipped.
If you have further questions regarding your invoice, the respective merchant's customer service will be happy to assist you at any time.


Every online store merchant provides you with the most common shipping methods. E.g. DHL, UPS, GLS, and some more!

At every online store dealer you will find on his store page in which countries orders are delivered!

For each product you will find delivery time information.

After each order you will receive a confirmation email.

When the product has been handed over to the parcel service, you will receive a mail with tracking information.


The payment of the goods is made through our trustee Hannnik GmbH. The online store merchant receives payment from the trustee only after the shipment of the consignment is proven!

Orders & Returns

Log in to Uniports.net then go to Shops and select the item you want.

If you want to buy the item click the item in the shopping cart. Go to the shopping cart and

pay the article with the offered payment methods.

If you want to change or cancel an ordered item then go to the shopping cart. There you can remove the item or change some details (color, size or quantity).

You are welcome to register as a Free Member and take advantage of many amenities on Uniports.net (back office mailbox, referral link, 5 classified ads per month and much more).

When you have ordered a product you will receive a confirmation email from the online store merchant. When the merchant sends the goods to you, you will receive an email from the parcel delivery company (UPS, DHL, DPD, TNT, GLS, etc.) with a tracking link.

If an item delivered to you does not meet your expectations (error, defective or otherwise) contact the dealer and request a return label. The retailer will send you a return label by mail.

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