investments / participations, payable, in whole or in part, using digital payment methods (YEM)


Payable totally or partially with digital payment methods (YEM)


TC Entertainment
Electronics AG

Announcement of the merger with SafeZone Europe Ltd

  • Stock Exchange

    We are listed on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart (FWB) stock exchanges

  • TC Entertainment Electronics AG

    Specializes in peer to peer technologies

Solario Project

Either owner or tenant

Everyone can buy tokens / coupons to reduce their electricity costs in the furture

  • The time has come for a new innovative technology

    So it's sustainable and has a high level of acceptance

  • The modules are tested by TUV!

    Those who decide quickly and therefore support the project can reserve
    kWh coupons now. These can be redeemed in 2022 to drastically reduce their own electricity costs

  • The SOLARIO website describes

    You will find more details on the website that the new types of modules reach three times the performance of the previous photovoltaic modules

Digital Art as Non-Fungible Tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Offered are:

  • Unique digital files 1/1
  • Certificates of authenticity from the artists
  • Smart Contracts [Intelligent Contract]
  • Limited exploitation rights

Various investments

Other lucrative investments, such as Company sales for reasons of age and similar are presented for selection

  • Associations and clubs

    Associations and clubs also have a wide audience, and support attracts attention

  • Participations

    You are looking a partner for your company, product, silent partner, do not hesitate to contact us

GoldCoin secured in the YEM chain

Virtual gold coins are managed in the YEMchain and thus secured

  • Twinkl Gold

    Is physical gold in a digital form

  • The Twinkl Gold Coin

    is 100% backed by physical gold

  • Access

    o 999 finest gold at the best price


Silver coin with own embossing

For the first time there is a collector coin made of 0.999 pure silver, the purchase of which is documented on the blockchain, as well as backed by YEM

  • Coin made of 0.999 pure silver

    Encapsulated, certified and delivered internationally to your door

  • Limited to just 10,000 pieces worldwide

    Collection coins, with triple possibility, 1x silver price, 1x YEM price, 1x Collector's price

  • Priceless collector's value

    Coin collectors appreciate the limited uniqueness

  • coins have a nominal value of 100 YEM

    The RCF guarantees the return of the coins against YEM

  • For example , the YEM rises to $10

    The coin is already worth $1,000 and is becoming increasingly popular with collectors



Assets and Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) are offered:

  • Fine Arts Toke / ART

  • Happy Health Token / HHT

  • Renewable Energy Token / RET

  • Vegas Entertainment Token / VET

  • Fractional Real Estate / FREY

  • Morgan Stanley Bond / MSBY

  • Unicorn Network Token / UNT

Real projects around the world

Which allows to buy in whole or partly with the digital payment YEM/ Subcoin for real estate, your vacation, your motor
vehicle and exclusive luxury items


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