The highest standards of security and privacy protection ensure a relaxed online experience

SafeZone = protection and security of the entire network

In addition to the many utilities, surfing the Internet also has dangers


The SafeZone = safety protection

The online world has a contemporary innovation:
THE SAFE ZONE Activities in the SafeZone are not monitored, tracked or exploited

  • Surf the Internet

    An online experience with the highest security standards

  • For private individuals and business people

    Discover SafeZone products and websites in a relaxed manner

  • Take advantage

    not only passively, but also actively, recognizing opportunities

  • Free membership

    No obligations, many options Discover new things without discrimination

We Share Success Inc

Your Successes from the UNICORN network will be visible here!

  • There are many ways to earn money online

    But most of them require a deposit or a lot of work

  • It is different with WeShareSuccess

    Your exclusive Invitation marketing program system allows you to invite others for free and earn commissions on their purchases

  • Completely free

    There is no obligation to buy or sell anything


SafeTransfer is the only file-upload and transfer service accredited by the Safezone

  • Just log in with your SafeZone Pass

    Upload your file and select the PerNums that should be able to download the file. 100% privacy

  • Your files will not be

    Searched, tracked or analyzed, but please note that any reported copyright infringement or other illegal activity will be reported to national authorities



YEMCHAIN in which all accounting is carried out

  • SafeZone's blockchain technology

    fast, secure, transparent and inexpensive transactions with maximum privacy

  • Smart contracts

    are aligned and fixed on the YEMCHAIN

  • Transactions of the managed tokens

    are displayed and saved

MoneyPon coupon purchase

MoneyPon is a gift card, 100% protected from theft, fraud and misuse You can send by email or post, or hand it over in a printed form

  • Buy a coupon

    Just enter your MoneyPon coupon code, confirm with a personal PIN

  • 100% sure

    Only if you have the code you can redeem the coupon

  • Pay for your product

    Just enter your MoneyPon coupon code, confirm with a personal PIN


Pernum Pay

As recommended by cyber security experts, PernumPay is already a reliable payment service. All the necessary payment details for those involved are stored behind a personalized number

  • Pay Online

    The future is here, Pay for products and services with digital currency

  • Without data abuse

    Payment transactions are not tracked

  • Fast and easy

    Logically and understandably structured Worldwide usage

  • Multifunctional - virtual wallet for

    YEM, assets, coins and tokens, local currencies

  • PERNUM Multi Wallet

    The multifunctional service for crypto and fiat currency as well as physical values

  • Token Wallet

    Overview of the tokens, with a representation of the history

  • YEM Wallet

    Overview of the virtual currency YEM, with representation of the history and display of various storages

  • Asset Wallet

    Overview of the purchased property, with direct purchase option

  • Fiat Wallet

    Overview of the Euro and Dollar holdings, optionally with a linked IBAN number and associated virtual or physical debit card


YEM Exchange

Is the official exchange for coins and tokens from YEM Exchange, the ‘authority-friendly’ blockchain. We meet all the requirements of the YEM Foundation

  • Exchange

    YEM / USD / EUR
    Buying / selling
    Sub Coins
    Withdraw USD / EUR

  • KYC /AML

    Uses A bank-level
    Identification Process

  • License

    is a service of Dana Middle East Technology W.L.L operating unter the Poly Reg License of Da Vinci Capital Partners GmbH Schwizerland

  • OTC

    Offers additional
    for YEM

  • API

    API is put at your disposal

  • Exclusive exchange platform

    Only here the YEM and its SubCoins can be exchanged

Real projects around the world

Which allows to buy in whole or partly with the digital payment YEM/ Subcoin for real estate, your vacation, your motor
vehicle and exclusive luxury items


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