The vision of the Unicorn Network

Imagine a world in which everyone has access to safe drinking water, healthy food and an effective health system

  • A world where cars, real estate, tools and much more
    can be shared thanks to blockchain technology in
    simple formats
  • A world in which financial transactions are carried out safely and in a matter of seconds
  • A world in which everyone pays their fair share of taxes
  • A world in which athletes and artists are promoted
  • A world in which like-minded people can carry out projects together, even if they are spatially separated
  • A world in which each building and each vehicle is self-supplied with electricity
  • A world where rents are affordable and property is promoted
  • A world where everyone respect each other

YEM is being established worldwide as an alternative means of payment in dailylife


The idea of ​​creating the Unicorn Network came up
on November 11, 2011

The American company has its headquarters in Las
Vegas since 2012. CITY CENTER WEST 7201 W Lake
Mead Boulevard Suite 200 Las Vegas / NV, 89128, USA
UU. The umbrella organization is United American
Capital Corporation, which exists since 2004.
Registration # 246416-98 in Oregon 7201 W Lake
Mead Blvd # 200 Las Vegas, NV 89128

Securing the network

The online world has a contemporary innovation:
THE Safe Zone activities within the SafeZone are not monitored, tracked or exploited

  • Surf the Internet

    an online experience with the highest security standards

  • For private individuals and business people

    Discover SafeZone products and websites in a relaxed way

  • Use your advantage:

    to recognise your opportunities not just passively but also actively

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YEM (Your Everyday Money)

  • 3.725 internet users jointly launched Rainbow Currency
    in November 2017
  • The YEM (Rainbow Currency) is different from other cryptocurrencies: as of 2017, the YEM was developed by more than 3,700 Internet users as an alternative to Bitcoin and Co
  • Privacy instead of anonymity, stability instead of volatility, fast, safe and low-cost transactions, global tax security and easy handling are just some of the objectives that are being achieved with the YEM
  • YEM means "Your Everyday Money", because Rainbow Currency will be established worldwide as an alternative means of payment in everyday life

Your daily money

  • We offer incredible tools to help you grow your business and be more successful
  • Personalized website
  • Personalized business cards, flyers, car stickers
  • More landing pages will come in the foreseeable future
  • Participation in our global marketing campaigns payable in YEM and local currency

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