YEM’s first digital cryptocurrency with a sustainable business cycle.

YEM Foundation

The YEM Foundation was founded in 2017 by over 3,700 Rainbow Currency co-founders from over 150 countries as an independent, non-profit organization.

  • The YEM Foundation was founded as a registered non-profit organization in Nevada.
  • The YEM Foundation's primary goals are to manage YEM sales (TWNKL), increase the value of YEM, and serve the common good.
  • In February 2018, YEM owners who are members of the UN elected 7 directors to the YEM Foundation board: each director represents a specific area of ​​the world.
  • The directors are committed to working to constantly increase the value of the YEM Foundation.
  • The YEM Foundation is the only cryptocurrency organization that is controlled and responded to by currency holders.
  • Since all directors of the YEM Foundation are also owners of YEM, they are committed to working together to achieve the most consistent growth in the value of YEM Currency in the most effective manner.

Your chance

For the first time, the cryptocurrency is being introduced by humans to humans

  • The only: The global non-profit foundation, Rainbow Currency Foundation, is controlled and represented.
  • Non-profit foundation: High quality products in YEM / Fiat currency
  • This is your chance: to join the movement


Currently, the YEM Foundation has more than 1 million users and a new user is added approximately every 120 seconds.

Every day the YEM goes global

Used as a means of payment in thousands of transactions.

Stability instead of volatility

YEM FOUNDATION has not approved YEM to operate on public trading platforms. There is only one official exchange where YEM can be exchanged for USD.

The YEM is

Friendly with the authorities and complies with all the necessary legal requirements regarding security, transparency, quality and data protection, combined with a maximum of "Know your customer" and anti-money laundering processes (KYC / AML processes or customer verification).


Millions of members and consumers worldwide can benefit from the offerings of companies that have proven to be reliable, safe and respectful.

Your data

You can buy with the confidence that all personal information will be kept confidential.

Honest Business

Payments are transferred safely and anonymously.


The so-called TWNKLCHAIN, guarantees absolute security and transparency.


Is the official TOKEN and coin exchange of "TWNKLCHAIN", the authority friendly blockchain.
We meet all the requirements of the YEM Foundation


Offers the YEM / USD, TEC / YEM, TMC / YEM, TSHC / YEM and TVC / YEM trading pairs.
Depending on demand, more trading pairs are added.


Uses a KYC / AML process at the bank level to protect our customers. Each member has to go through a simple but effective identification process.


A license has been applied for under the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the sandbox level. We expect to receive a full license for international operations in December 2020.

YEM Foundation

The YEM Foundation strives to obtain membership status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council and in the Council of Europe.
Our main objective is for YEM to be accepted as the legal form of payment in all countries.

Lora M. Bilger


Alon Basi

Vice President

Martha Isabel Castaño

Board Secretary
South America

Dr. Emmanuel Nwachukwu


Ishaq Ali Khan


David Phillips

Oceania & S.E. Asia

Bryan R. Sevrence

North & Central America

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