The highest standards of security and privacy protection ensure a relaxed online experience.

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SafeZone = protection and security of the entire network

In addition to the many utilities, surfing the Internet also has dangers.

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The SafeZone = safety protection

The online world needs real innovation: THE SAFE ZONE.

Your activities will not be monitored, tracked or exploited in the protected area.

Surfing the web

In addition to the many utilities, there are also dangers.


A closed online world where security and privacy come first. Their activities will not be monitored, tracked or exploited in the protected area.

There is still much in preparation

You can help and take advantage of all the advantages and benefits.

We Share Success Inc

Your successes from the UNICORN network will be visible here!

There are many ways to earn money online.

But most of them require a deposit or a lot of work

It is different with WeShareSuccess.

Our exclusive invitation marketing program system allows you to invite others for free and earn commissions on their purchases.

Completely free

There is no obligation to buy or sell anything.

Secure transfer

SafeTransfer is the only file-upload and transfer service accredited by the Safezone.

Just log in with your SafeZone Pass

Upload your file and select the PerNums that should be able to download the file. 100% privacy

Your files will not be

Searched, tracked or analyzed, but please note that any reported copyright infringement or other illegal activity will be reported to national authorities.

TwnklChain = Blockchain

TwnklChain = Blockchain in which all accounting is carried out.

Originally issued as an ERC-20 token

It quickly became apparent that Ether Blockchain was not meeting YEM Currency's high requirements. Anonymity allowed fraudulent people to uncontrollably configure wallets, list yem currency on dubious exchangers, circulate false information, and manipulate price.

That is why a team of blockchain experts was involved

And put in charge of developing our own blockchain that is 100% protected against such access. In August 2018 the time had come and the yem coin moved from the Ether blockchain to TWNKLCHAIN.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to carry the original TWNKL symbol with us

That is why YEM has been the only official Rainbow Currency symbol since August 2018.

MoneyPon coupon purchase

MoneyPon is the new way to pay online 100% safely and without sharing personal information.

Buy a coupon

Just enter your MoneyPon coupon code, confirm with a personal PIN, voila!

100% sure

Only if you have the code you can redeem the coupon.

Pay for your product

Just enter your MoneyPon coupon code, confirm with a personal PIN, voila!


PERNUM – YEM / Token Account / Wallet / Voucher Receipt, with history and transfer to YEM Exchange trading platform, Messenger and more in the future.

PERNUM is the new privacy standard.

Save your personal number.

Use this number in the future

Instead of constantly spreading your data on the internet.

You decide whom you allow

to chat with you, who can call you, who can send you emails. PERNUM is the way in which the world will operate in the future with the highest security standards.

Use your PERNUM for payments with maximum security

It is already possible with the Rainbow Currency YEM.


Is the official wallet provider for Rainbow Currency (YEM), Currency (TEC), Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC), Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC) and other coins / tokens in the Twnkl chain.

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