Digital marketing

Your direct path to the success of your business.

Our advanced digital marketing strategies position products and brands through massive Uniports campaigns, including social media advertising, search engines, banners on thousands of external platforms around the world, seasonal promotions, email marketing and much more. plus. positioning your brand and your products, Sending thousands of users to their store or product catalog in Uniports.

You can enjoy 4 additional channels of digital marketing and premium services:

Store Category

Promote your store in our Digital Marketing campaigns and choose which category you want to appear in, your store will be on the landing pages of all Uniports campaign traffic for these categories, all users are segmented and interested in the category you select, so your sales are guaranteed if you select the category that is right for you. (We suggest you have a cover image and profile that stands out from the rest) to capture even more customers.

Product Category

Promote your products in specific categories of our mass marketing campaigns, the traffic of the campaigns of each category will land on the page where the key products are displayed and among them will appear yours, guarantee your sales and a greater number of clients.

Email Marketing

Promote your brand in our newsletters, reach new customers interested in your products and participate in our mass emails: newsletters, seasonal promotions, contests and reorientation.

Promoted ads (Premium Service):

With promoted ads we will dedicate a campaign only for your brand and your products, your ad will be seen in our social profiles, we guarantee that thousands of customers click on your ad and your sales rise, ¿ are you ready to sell massively?.