Advertising Tools

More traffic, more sales.

Our advertising solutions help you attract and interact with more buyers at every stage of your sales process, from recruiting leads to buying and more. Ads appear where buyers will see them, such as on the first page of purchase results and product detail pages. You can get more views by increasing your bid limits for each ad banner, if your ad is relevant and wins the bid, it will be shown more times than other advertisers to buyers.

We have 4 Advertising options:

Featured Products

These are advertisements for individual product listings. They appear on the top of the purchase results pages and on the product detail pages, helping to drive sales and give visibility to products.

Content Banners

They are advertising banners where your ad is displayed, this banner will not change as long as the user does not refresh the page, therefore every time your ad is displayed it will be there the entire time the user is viewing the page These banners appear within the articles of the Uniports Blog, in the main sections of our platform, Classified Listings, bottom of the classified page, on the product results pages and at the bottom of the product pages.

Secondary Banner

These Banners are located in the side sections of the Blog articles, classified list, classified page, search results on the platform and list of articles from the Uniports Blog, the ad is always visible to the user, No other advertiser is shown during that view, which translates to more customers for you.

Sponsored articles (Premium)

Our content managers create great content for all Uniports users, you can buy an article and they will write a publication especially related to your brand, this post will be explicitly sponsored by your business and 3 of your products will appear in the sidebar of the article.